Product Information: 


Our hemp t-shirts are loose fit, meaning they are a touch oversized. For a classic 'regualr fit', you can go a size down from your usual.


55% hemp & 45 % organic cotton. - Please check out the wonders of hemp on our About Hemp page. 


Our t-shirts are printed especially for you once an order is placed within our in-house workshop to reduce waste. We only use non-toxic water based inks. 


Model is 6'1 and wearing a size Large. 


Behind the design: 


This design is a dystopian glimpse of our future. The streets overloaded with rubbish is an exaggeration on the ignorance much of our current society has towards waste. If we keep only taking small measures with no real large scale revolutions, then we’ll let the problem persist till it’s too large to deal with.


The large corporate buildings contrast the mess at the front to illustrate the divide in class. It’s an example of how the elite often separate themselves from the climate crisis, leaving the rest of us to deal with the repercussion.


So let's take action!


There are things that we can do to mitigate this on a small and large scale. Firstly don't underestimate the idea of generational change. Alter our daily habits to gradually influence future humans. The next thing we can do is to take some time to educate ourselves so that we can make informed decisions to elect better leaders and campaign for the right causes.

Wasteful Future - Hemp t-shirt