Product Information:


Our hemp t-shirts are loose fit, meaning they are a touch oversized. For a classic 'regualr fit', you can go a size down from your usual.


55% hemp & 45 % organic cotton. - Please check out the wonders of hemp on our About Hemp page. 


Our t-shirts are printed especially for you once an order is placed within our in-house workshop to reduce waste. We only use non-toxic water based inks. 


Model is 5'6 and wearing a size Large. 


Behind the design: 


Sadly our world is overrun with corporations that conduct business in an unsustainable way, with little, to no regard for their impact on our health and environment.


Yet these companies are creating these products for us. So surely this means that we have a say in how we want our products made?


As farfetched as this sounds, yes we do have the power to make that decision. We make that decision everyday with the things we choose to buy with OUR money. Our money dictates the world we wish to see and allows these companies to continue thriving and work the way they choose. But we wish to remind you its our time to choose because we have had enough, because we are the ones who truly care.


The ATM design represents this idea, reminding us through a ‘Warning’ that we should be wary of where we are spending our money.


Money is driving corporate greed. If we move the money they will also move.


Small daily habits will truly result in big change overtime, especially when they inspire others along the way.


We need to remind these corporations that, money isn’t worth anything if the world doesn’t exist.

What's Money? - Hemp t-shirt