Let's Collaborate!

Image by Utopia By Cho

There are many problems we wish to bring solutions to, however like many of us we run on limited resources. This is why we enjoy collaborating with like-minded organisations to bring awareness and community action towards their goals as well as ours. We are very aware of the power of collaboration and are always looking for more people to partner with.


Collaborations consist of crafting a bespoke T-shirt design to raise money for your campaign or project. We use creative design as a solution to awareness building in a thought provoking way. 

So, let's collaborate and make positive change to our communities. There is nothing to lose, only gain!


Please email for further details: media@huriahhemp.com 

To see some of our amazing collaborations check out our 

If you are interested in our in-house printing services, please see the link below.