Our Story

Community action





In Late 2019 we decided that fast fashion had done enough to wreck our world. Not just to our beloved planet, but also our fellow humans working in poor conditions with little, to no rights. 


We set out to begin our own movement against exploitation of people and planet by using what we as a brand know best, creative thinking and design. 


Social action is at the heart of what we do and is symbolised through our designs and the work we carry out with our local communities. 



Huriah aims to empower grassroots communities, particularly young leaders, to create real and effective solutions through our leadership and development programmes.


We want to ensure that the power to help others does not need to come from a position higher than the person in need, we wish to take a bottom up approach to solve community issues.


This is why we create T-shirts for change. We want to create a cycle of awareness, which then sparks action! 

At Huriah we are all about community. Though Huriah intends to work with its local communities, it also intends to become its own community. One massive community where we are not confined by borders or postcodes. We intend to create an inclusive platform where anyone can share thoughts and opinions in the form of blog posts. Here we can bring awareness to our local issues and social causes, bringing people together to create action!