Our Story

In Late 2019 we tried to find a way to combine all our passions in one. We wanted to help others, disrupt environment polluting industries, all while being creative.


From this Huriah was born!


Social action is at the heart of what we do and is symbolised through our designs and the work we carry out with our local communities. We want to ensure that the power to help others does not need to come from a position higher than the person in need. Our message is that we can all find ways to improve each other’s lives, no matter of what social class, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation we associate with. 


This is why we create T-shirts for change. We want to create a cycle of awareness, which then sparks action! 


At Huriah we are all about community, and though Huriah intends to work with its local communities. It also intends to become its own community. One massive community where we are not confined by borders or postcodes. We aim to create a platform where anyone can sign up and be a part of the Huriah Community. Here we can all share our thoughts and opinions in the form of blog posts where we can bring awareness to our local issues and social causes, to eventually build a following around it and create some action!

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