Time For a Change.

Hemp is one of the most durable and arguably one of the most versatile plants on the planet. It is alleged to have almost 25,000 uses within industries such as construction, cosmetics and food to name a few, and many more are still being discovered today. Check out our interesting blog on                            to learn more of the details. 


Hemp is a natural fibre that is cultivated with minimal impact on the environment. It requires a small amount of irrigation and is unusually hardy, being resistant to both pests and disease. Due to it's out of this world properties, it can produce great yields that keep the soil replenished. Which is usually one of the major drawbacks of traditional cotton farms. 














































If this isn't enough of a reason to convert to hemp, then we don't know what is! 


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Why Hemp Clothing? 

Hemp fibres are lightweight yet absorbent with three times tensile strength compared to cotton. 

Hemp can be blended with other textiles for different qualities and purposes. Hemp has quite fine fibres and giving it similar feel to cotton, though hemp gets softer after every wash. 

Hemp is a breathable textile giving it the ability to not hold moisture, allowing it to be anti-microbial, which is especially great in warm climates. Conversely, these same fibres act as an insulator in cold weather. 




Cheap clothes are usually made in bad working conditions, where workers are underpaid, outworked and surrounded with hazardous materials. Usually hemp can be processes and grown in safer environments where the health of staff can be managed better. We ensure our hemp products follow a ethic and sustainable supply chain


So, What's the Deal With Hemp?